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Act Now: Speak Out To Protect Title X!

Terrible: The Trump/Pence administration is pushing an attack on Title X. If you don't know what Title X is, it's a program that provides affordable birth control, cancer screenings, STD tests & other crucial reproductive health care to four MILLION people a year!

Luckily we – that includes you – can make a difference to help save this national program. Planned Parenthood serves 41% of people who receive care through Title X, and we'll never stop fighting for them! Record a video telling why you believe in affordable quality health care access, or what Planned Parenthood means to you, and why that means you're determined to protect Title X:

How to make a video?

Quick Steps

Think about what you want to say in 20-90 seconds. Make it personal! Then click the camera button and record your video.

If you don’t like the video you record, you can retake it. When you have a version you like, click submit and fill out the form.

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Once your video is approved, we’ll send you the link in an email. Then, share it on Facebook and Twitter so your voice can be heard!